Ripple Systems

A proximity sensor system designed to serves a variety of purposes, from simple object-tracking all the way to complex emergency locating.

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Features & Overviews

Our products are designed to solve real-world problems efficiently and reliably, used for personal item-tracking, emergency positioning and so on.


Information obtained from sensors is processed using artificial intelligence to determine the device's location as accrately as possible.


Ripples are light, reliable and durable with significantly longer battery lives than most other competitors such as GPS trackers.


Your device is connected in a network with other users who can update its location when within range.



Real-time information upload, processing and download allows for instant updates showing your device's whereabouts.


All information collected on your device can only be accessed by you and those with your explicit permission.

More Applications

The proximity-based nature of this system allows for many other creative uses.


How it works

Ripple System Devices are able to constantly broadcast Bluetooth signals that can be picked up by a variety of supported devices.

  • When the signal is picked up by a mobile phone, the approximate GPS location of that mobile phone's location is used to indicate the device's whereabouts.
  • When the signal is picked up by a hardware device, the saved geographical location of that hardware device is used to indicate the device's location.

The obtained location information is then published onto a secure database which can be accessed safely and privately by the device's real owner via their mobile phone or the web console.

Against competitors

Historically, GPS locators are used for all instances of location-tracking. However, most of these locators are energy-demanding, unreliable and very inefficient. On the other hand, our Bluetooth-based system offers plenty of advantages over the traditional system.

  • Much longer battery life (battery replacement needed only once every year).
  • Crowdsourcing makes it more accurate (especially in urban areas)
  • Multifunctional.
  • Light, small and convenient to carry.

Research and Achievements

International Conference on Data Management Systems 10/2019
International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Applications 12/2018
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Applications 1/2019

Published research

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Acquired Patent

A Convenient, Intuitive and Reliable locating device, for your friends and families

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